Monday, June 1, 2009

Yet another Monday..

Well here we are and it's Monday again. Chris starts his summer school class this evening and tonight it goes from 5 pm -7 pm. So I'm alone with the crazies from 6 am that's when Isaac woke up till 6:30 pm when the two girls leave and then me and the boys till 8:30 or 9 pm. This is going to be a long Monday for the next 7 weeks.

Well the weekend was good. We went Saturday to meet a Great Dane. It's not one that we would be getting, it was one of the club members Danes that they brought to represent the breed at Petco for the rescue adoption. We had a blast!! We are looking forward to finding the "Right" Great Dane for us. The boys were absolutely great and loved the big giant dog. They are also looking forward to getting one. We hope to find one that is at least a couple years old 2 1/2 or older. I need one that has grown out of the puppy stage. We can get a puppy down the road..not now the boys are enough energy for me at the moment.

Well we finally got all of our stuff from Home Depot. We got our delivery of concrete at 11 pm Friday night. Yeah that 's right and at that it was only 56 out of the 80 bags. Oh well, at least it's all finally here. We are planning on digging post holes this week sometime. Then Saturday the "Men" in the family are coming to help put the fence up. Chris won't be able to help because he will be working that weekend. So I hope putting up the fence goes smoother than the ordering and delivery of the materials.

I'll have to post pictures of our progress.

Till tomorrow!!

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