Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Next??

Well....OK... lets start with last Wednesday night when I was at work not even 30 minutes and I drop a heavy blue pallet on my Big right toe. The nail is now purple and the swelling has gone down in the last week, but....Tuesday my son's knee hit me in the eye, then I go to pick up the permit for our fence and I didn't have the correct means of payment. Next, on my way to work I realized that the bills I set up on Monday to be paid today actually went through on Tuesday morning with no money in the account (till Direct deposit on Thursday). So then I'm almost late to work because I'm on the phone with the bank asking them if any of the 6 checks overdraft fees (6x $34.00 = $204.00)can be waived, I feel like such a idiot.

Then I went to work had a box of wood clothes pins fall and hit me in the head. Right after that I had a box of solar panels fall and land Where else?? that's right... on my right big toe. Little while later, I ran my...that's big right toe over with a pallet jack. I have had the worst week and were not even done. Last night when I called home to see how my husband and the kids were doing, my husband proceeds to tell me that the man from Home Depot call and said that the BBQ we bought last Thursday on sale for $199.00 (retail $369.00) was ready to go and be delivered with our fence materials today, but one of their associates sold it. So they offered my husband a grill for $299.00 but it is of lesser retail value and does not have all the bells and whistles that we were getting on the one we actually bought. So after I got up this morning I had to call Home Depot and talk to the Store Manager. He told me he was aware of what happened and they were supposed to offer us a grill that was of equal retail value and same type or better of the bells & whistles. Well I told him I was not happy with the stores decision to sell my grill and they ended up having to give me a grill for $799.00, because it was similar to the one that we were buying, but it has a oven on it. We should be getting it tomorrow.

So with that behind me I try and have a better day, but we never got the concrete bags on the fence order so I had to reorder 80 bags and new delivery charge of $70.00. Then I take my kids over to my Mom & Dad's for a couple of hours. When I got in the Suburban to back out I back straight in to the tree and not easy pretty hard. I gave myself whiplash. I got out went in the house to tell my Mom what I did and on the way back to the car I twisted my ankle (left one). Could you imagine it being my right ankle? Between that and my blue toe, I'd be out of work for a week.

I broke....I cried and cried and cried. My Mom was trying to cheer me up, but it's been a hell of a week. I got home and my husband was puzzled as to why I was crying. Then I told him. He understood.

So here I am spilling my guts in hopes that I can type all this crazy stuff away...Who knows..... tomorrows another day and always interesting.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Days!!

Well I'm sitting here today trying to figure out still what the heck I'm doing and I have my boys all over my lap, back and keyboard. I can barely get anything done. They all want to see what I'm doing and the endless need to push buttons. I suprised that the blog layout actually looks like it does.

Well I told the boys today that we might go to Monkey Business this week sometime and that was pandoras box opening. Now they will eat, sleep and dream Monkey Business. I should know better then to open my big mouth. Can't go today or tomorrow because I work and then Thursday we have Sarah coming from Infant Toddlers Program for Eli and the fence materials are being delievered. So maybe friday...who knows.

Well I also had to buy Chris's Chemistry books today for summer school, they cost $201.00 for 3 items for 1 class. I hate spending so much money on books and getting nothing back at the end of class. Oh...wait..I'm get about $20 bucks. Then they turn around and sell them for $90.00 used. So screwed up!! I can't wait for him to be done with school. Hopefully only 2 1/2 years left.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Can Someone PLEASE!!!

Point me in the right direction. I'm trying to get this thing to my liking, but who the heck knows where to start. I did manage to get a new background. YEAH!!! I'll tell you...I'm not very old or even old enough to be out of the loop, but this computer stuff just boggles my mind. How do people figure out all these little different things to do to their sites? Who has that much time? Well I try to get "some time" for things other than my kids and work. I think I have needed a place to write all my thoughts down. My brain doesn't know what sleep is anymore. I'm lucky if I get 5 hours a night....without waking up 5 times a night.
I guess for now it's back to the drawing board and searching around to figure out what I'm doing.

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It's Me!

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